Bob is one of the most creative strategic thinkers I have had the good fortune of working with. He is a hardworking, high integrity, methodical professional and his leadership consistently fast-tracked his team to a successful outcome. He addresses opportunities holistically, leveraging technology and people to conceive innovative solutions to the benefit of all stakeholders. Bob knows how to drive solutions from inception through execution while removing obstacles and eliciting enthusiasm from clients and team members.

Bob is one of the strongest professionals I’ve had the pleasure to work with. He is a strategic thinker, executes like none other and always puts the customer first. He has an excellent capacity to quickly understand breadth and a unique capability to synthesize and visually represent in a way that any audience can easily digest. He is a solid critical thinking and demonstrates growth mindset in all he does. Bob’s diverse background and experience, combined with his ability to learn new areas quickly make him a strong candidate for any role.

Bob is a strategic leader, a great collaborator and a true partner. He and I worked together on transformational projects and Bob’s contributions, insight and innovative-thinking accelerated the path to successful outcomes. Bob’s ability to deliver results, including under a lot of pressure, is impressive. He is incredibly reliable and maintains a high level of accountability. In working across teams, he drives a culture of collaboration, initiative and empowerment across peers and stakeholders. Bob left an long-lasting positive mark when he left our organization and I would work with him again in a heartbeat.

I had the great honor to have worked with Bob at one of our largest and hardest customer implementations, Exodus Communications. The project was complex and, in order to bring it to completion, it required of multiple senior experienced project managers. We had several PMs that were not able to perform and meet the project’s demanding expectations, until, as a last attempt, Bob was sent to us.

Bob’s exceptional management and leadership skills were able to stir the project back to the right direction, replacing daily frustrations into a stream of success stories . Bob also has the remarkable capacity to engage with people and gain their confidence and trust, which played a crucial role on regaining the customer’s faith on the implementation team.

Bob’s impressive skills were not just limited to management, but in more than one occasion he assisted the various implementation teams with technical challenges. Bob’s problem solving and engineering background skills were just as impressive as his management skills. I was very glad of not just having a great project manager, but to also have a great peer with whom I could count on and consult for technical opinions.

Bob is hard working, loyal, and trustworthy. He is leveled headed, confident, and armed with knowledge and analytical skills that are not easy to match. Working with Bob has always being a pleasant and enriching experience, and having Bob as part of your enterprise is an asset worth keeping for life.

Bob was a stellar employee and business partner who I learned as much from as I taught. His business acumen was well respected by all of our consultants and clients alike. He will succeed in any endeavor he undertakes. It was always a pleasure working with Bob and I hope to have the opportunity to do so again.

Bob is clearly a value add senior manager in corporate America. His visionary work style resulting in practical benefits to the teams he led stood out.

I’ve worked with Bob since first arriving at WaMu in December 2004. I’ve found him to have a great knack for reducing complex issues to their significant descriptive and/or actionable parts. That knack, along with a very pragmatic approach to problem solving, is an all too rare blend of talents. He has great presence and rapidly builds credibility on the professional and personal levels.